Providing hockey and skating opportunities for the boys and girls of Northwestern Connecticut.

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(These protocols are in effect as of October 22, 2020 and are subject to change)
  • Effective October 24, 2020, a limited number of spectators are allowed inside the rink.
  • Teams are allowed to have one spectator per athlete. This limit will be strictly enforced by our program and the South Kent School.
  • Anyone who enters the rink must complete a Player/Spectator Health Questionnaire and Waiver online:
  • Coaches who are coaching on the bench during the game are not considered spectators. All Bench Coaches must fill out the following form:

Procedures for checking in at the rink

  • Players and coaches may enter the rink no earlier than 30 minutes before game time.
  • Players and coaches check in at table located inside the glass doors.
  • Spectators who are there with the player should check in at this time.
  • Players, coaches, and spectators will be checked against the team's roster.
  • Spectators leave the rink after check in and may not re-enter the rink until game time.
  • Visiting players and coaches head to designated locker room inside the rink.
  • Icehawks players and coaches head back outside to designated locker room in the field house building.
  • At game time, spectators may enter rink (having already checked in) and head to bleachers only. No viewing from the glass or any other portion of the rink.
  • Bleachers nearest the entrance are for visiting spectators.
  • Bleachers nearest the Zamboni door are for Icehawks spectators.
  • All spectators must be socially distanced from each other.
  • Spectators must exit the rink immediately when the game is over.
Game Video
Players and coaches
  • After check in (see above), visiting team players and coaches will proceed to the designated locker room inside the rink.
  • After check in (see above), Icehawks team players and coaches will proceed to outside field house locker rooms.
  • Players and coaches entering the rink can expect to have their temperature checked.
  • Players are encouraged to enter the rink partially dressed in their uniform to reduce the time in the locker room. (goalies do not need to be partially dressed)
  • All players must wear masks at all times, until their helmet is on and they leave the locker room to proceed to the ice.
  • Coaches must wear masks at all times, including during the game.
  • After the game, players and coaches should remove their uniforms as quickly as possible and not linger around the locker room.
  • The showers are not available for use.
  • Visiting team players and coaches will leave through the exit near the snack bar (not out the main glass entrance).
  • Masks are required to be worn by anyone outside of their cars while on the South Kent School campus.
  • No visitors are permitted on any portion of the South Kent School campus, except in immediate area of the Stockdale Arena.
  • Consistent with CDC guidelines, anyone exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 should remain home.